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Wine clarification

Wine clarification is actually a kind of mixture separation process.Mixture is divided into two broad categories: both mixture and mixture of the item.In accordance with the process of the actual production of wine, its means of clarification can be divided into three kinds: natural clarify chemical and mechanical clarify clarification.

The first section of the wine clarification

Natural clarification is suspended particulate matter in wine after precipitation separation, but this kind of means is to reach the requirements of the wine bottle goods, must adopt the artificial add protein substances to adsorption clarification means of aerosols, clarify to speed up the process and increase the clarity.At the same time, also need to heat the wine before bottling sterilization or frozen processing, or sterile filtration method, will remove all bacteria or yeast in wine, and can improve the chemical stability of the wine.Natural clarification in grape juice clarification Base liquor into wine processing thermal stability Stability of base liquor composition adjustment cold processing the application of the production process.Because natural clarification cycle is long, so generally require cryogenic static and keep a certain amount of sulfur dioxide, coupled with chemical and mechanical clarify clarification method to achieve the purpose of clarification.


Wine in the second quarter of the machinery to clarify
Clarification is through appropriate filter centrifuge machinery, such as mechanical equipment, would have been suspended solids and some microbes in wine and achieve the purpose of clarifying, mechanical clarify cycle short, the centrifugal equipment used in clarification.Generally for grape juice, and the number is not much, the main means of mechanical clarification or rely on the filtration equipment.
At present commonly used filtering equipment has diatomite filter machine, plate and frame filter press, membrane filter and cross-flow filtration machine.

1, diatomite,
Diatomite is a kind of very universal adsorbent and filter aid.
Diatomite main ingredients for opal, rich in a variety of useful minerals, texture soft, countless small cavity surface, the porosity of more than 90%, it is this molecular crystal structure characteristics, determines its unique function, with a strong physical adsorption performance and ion exchange properties.After selection of processing of diatomite mineral products as a filter aid, absorbent, ion exchanger and packing, widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, nuclear mass treatment, sewage treatment, building materials and other fields.
2, diatomite filter machine
Diatomite filter is developed according to the adsorption properties of diatomite It is able to filter tiny protein colloidal suspension from the wine.Habit, it is divided into fine soil, middle, coarse soil, diatomite, improper choice will reach filtering effect and will give the wine weak unable to smell. 

Commonly used diatomite filter is currently in the process of using a filter for filtering diatomite provide support, forming filter filter layer to achieve.Its main by filtering tank, material pump, circulating tank, metering pump, flow meter, lens, filter, filter residue, cleaning spray cleaning and consists of a series of valve, its operation generally can be divided into four steps.

(1) the precoating
Purpose: it is in the leaves a diatomite filter layer is formed on the screen, is the wine from the initial achieve clarity, and conducive to the final failure of the filter cake off.
(2) filter
after the completion of precoating of transformation began to filter through valve with continuous filtration process, the need to loop on a regular basis metering tank adding a certain amount of diatomite, as a result, the filter cake layer gradually thickening, filtration resistance is more and more big.
(3) the residual liquid filter
Filter stopped, filtering tank and circulation metering tank and residual part of spirit, this part of spirit through residue filter completely.
(4) slag discharge cleaning
Residual liquid after filtering, opening the slag discharge hole on the bottom of the filtering tank, start the motor filtering tank, make filtering tank inside the filter of high speed rotating, filter residue under the action of centrifugal the fragmented.

二、The plate and frame filter
Plate and frame filter 

Plate and frame filter has the incomparable superiority, small volume, high efficiency, easy operation, the most commonly used filter medium for the cardboard, so often called filter plate and frame type board (pictured)
Depending on the material of filter board can be divided into: asbestos board, cardboard and polyethylene fiber board, etc.;According to its different filter effect or the purpose of general can be divided into clear plate and aseptic board.The pore can reach 0.2 um.
Board installed in the transport, storage, such as filter, all should be careful.Deposit, should avoid light, must be moistureproof, do not damage the packaging, to prevent pollution, and with no volatile chemicals, oil or is faulty items together.
It works before stent stent connected by two vertical shaft and a parallel framework.In the middle of the before and after the stent can be mobile plug.
Before stent and plug form two spacing adjustable parallel planes, the two plane can use screw pressure group in the middle of the filter, filter by cardboard seal apart form the framework of the filter chamber.Liquid by the inlet valve into the filter chamber.

(1) operation to prepare
Filter before all filter and valve connection will be removed after soaking with 1% of the hot caustic soda with soft bristle brush to brush clean, rinse clean again, and check whether the seal is in good condition, all components in place, check whether there is a circle of rubber sealing ring is missing is not installed.
(2) the board installation
To split open a case to take the board must take, in order to avoid board mutual friction, prevent peeling, cardboard for both sides, opposite towards cavity into wine, positive towards the wine cavity, the opposite of the first piece of cardboard with former filter just for good, and do the up and down or so flush, move parallel to the first filter and the board level, both between filter paper, on the second board, smooth surface and the board smooth, glossy and smooth, reverse side as opposed to a negative, formed the filter chamber, after installation of cardboard check whether it is right, that is correct, rotate handwheel, by screw clamp all cardboard with liquid ring rubber gasket, will pressure the cardboard with demineralized water after further pressure.
A side fastening pressure may, at the time of pine tight, otherwise the cardboard may pinch off or leak wine.If there is leakage phenomenon of wine, to check whether board position is need to adjust;Sealing ring whether need to replace aging;Whether the framework has deformation, need correction or replacement;Whether the thickness conform to the requirements of the machine, need to adjust the thickness.
(3) filter
(1) import and export valve closed, open the discharge valve, (2) connected into the liquid valve, (3) open the infusion pump, slowly open the inlet valve, make the liquid into the filter, (4) when the filter chamber air discharge liquid flowed from open the valve in full, slowly open the valve of produced liquid, and close the discharge valve, (5) adjust the import and export of the valve opening and adjust the filter amount shall not be greater than the capacity requirements, to import the pressure difference between normal requirement, before 6 start filtering, to eliminate the fiber in the filter board, 30 min cycle, from endoscopic observation liquid clear into formal filtering, stop among 7) should be avoided in the process of filtering, once in the case of must stop, you should close the outlet valve, and makes the filter under certain pressure, end up in is a filtering process, keep steady pressure, avoid to cause board is broken, and affect the quality of filter, filter pet-name ruby end, close the infusion pump and all the valves, cannot be used for the use of the original process, so as not to cause the quality hidden trouble.
(4) cleaning
Will board removed, rinse clean with clear water will filter plate and pipe, wipe clean. Set aside.Commonly used filter board is no longer used, even recycled in order to save cost, also can only be used for the primary simple filtration.Cannot be used for the use of the original process, lest cause quality hidden trouble.