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Types Of Filter Paper

Filter paper can be divided into two types: qualitative and quantitative. In the application of analytical chemistry, the residue of the filter paper can be used to calculate the loss rate of the experimental process when the inorganic compounds are filtered and separated. Qualitative filter paper filtered more cotton fiber formation, thus it can be used only for qualitative analysis; quantitative filter paper, especially no gray level of the filter paper after special treatment procedures, can effectively resist the chemical reaction, so the generated, with fewer impurities, can be used for quantitative analysis. In addition to the general laboratory application of filter paper, and the application of the life of the project is also a lot of filter paper. Coffee filter is one of the widely used filter paper, tea bag outer filter provides high flexibility degree and high wet strength properties. Other use of air in the test of airborne particulate air filter, and different industrial applications of fiber filter paper, etc..