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The pharmaceutical industry a new change

In the new version of GMP in phar ma ceutical enterprises under the more steingent standard is proposed,as a leading enterprise in the field of filter board -- The Great Wall Filtration CO.,LTD(hereinafter referred to as"Shenyang Great Wall").With its many years of development experience ,excellent product quality and strong brand strength.In the promotion of special cardboard filter in line with the new version of GMP pharmaceutical standards,also led the pharmaceutical industry of special cardboard filter move towards a more orderly direction.


Booster Medicine special cardboard filter upgrade

  In recent years,the policy is by turns under pressure,intensification of the reform of the pharmaceutical industry,especially the new version of GMP implementation,production equipment and management of pharmaceutical companies a higher level of requirement.In such a stringent standard,which means that even the drug companies ignored filtration equipment ,use of new edition GMP has strict standards.In the market,there are many filter cardboard enterprise,Shenyang Great Wall is one of typical representative.

   Since its establishment in 1989,Shenyang Great Wall has experienced ups and down,a history of 27 years of the "craftsman"spirit,step by step,believes there is no persistence and love,there will be no accumulation and precipition.Enjoy the spirit of perseverance,in the course of the past 27 years ,witnessed in other industries such as the sun gradually declining again,the Great Wall can continue to thrive in shenyang.


It have to say,Shenyang Great Wall have professional produce experience and comprehensive strength in medicine special filter cardboard.Intimate and detailed high quality after-sales service,also into Shenyang Great Wall long-term cooperation with our company so many years an important supporting factor.                                  

                                   ---Benxi xiuzheng pharmaceutical production Diretor Zhou jihong

Cooperation with the Shenyang Great Wall for more than 10 years,of special filter paper products for the company's pharmaceutical ingredient very pure,the lasting stability of quality and very professional pharmaceutical companies have high sense of responsibility,has the pharmaceutical industry with current GMP standards.Not only that,the Shenyang medicine special filter board had reached the great wall and even higher than the drug's production requirements.

                                  ---Liaoning AIU pharmaceutical purchasing manager Chen Si