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The Great Wall shuangsheng the story behind the brand

LOGO symbol complete shape from sailing on the sea, in the same boat, hardships, day and night, skip over the waves.
27 years of travel all the way forward!On the middle horizontal line, real virtual, containing a filter, let the filter achieve clear and pure.
"Double" as the name suggests is the meaning of two, "sheng" means life holy."Shuangsheng" refers to Mr Du Zhaoyun And ms Chen Xiuqi , pour into life, offer a chamber enthusiasm in the industries of filter board, this love trip.For the customer, in the interests of the people, you can feel secure..Great Wall shuangsheng products with our attentively, with actions to create the future.

More than 20 years ago, the couple like housework management enterprise, production products like raise children.At the beginning of the factory, there are a dozen of similar enterprises of shenyang city, now is only one of the Great Wall to survive.Rare is that "the low key personhood, work seriously," character, can actually make the enterprises to become the industry the more "eldest brother".27 years of accumulation, is the whole of today.In the face of the new economic situation, the Great Wall has been prepared.

Talent upgrade: the Great Wall has introduced the highly educated, high-quality management personnel, senior professional and technical personnel, to inject vigor, composed of the Great Wall brings more advanced management concept and mechanism, more perfect technology and quality, to the Great Wall on the wings to take off.
Equipment upgrades: the Great Wall company respond to a nation called for the use of clean energy, boiler equipment modification, the production line fully upgrade, to the Great Wall products upgrade provides a hardware security, also contribute strength for shenyang's blue sky project.
Market upgrade: 2016 Great Wall sounded the horn of entering international, after nearly three years of testing the waters, the Great Wall company "shuangsheng" filter paper, has been more than 10 countries such as Japan, Europe and the United States, to move into international wrote good overture.In the stability of the domestic market rises with the international market of enterprise development, market upgrade step sister discourse is the Great Wall.
Product upgrade: "shuangsheng" brand filter paper, the existing eight items, more than 50 kinds of products, covering a variety of specifications, a variety of models, used in beer, beverage, medicine, biological engineering, and other fields.2016 Great Wall company is committed to the development of new products, senior industry backbone, years of experience in pulping and papermaking with modern technology perfect union, add more excellence for "shuangsheng" family members.