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Shenyang Great Wall Filteration Cardboard CO.,LTD attend the 22nd International Conference on Chemical Fiber.

Shenyang Great Wall Filteration Cardboard CO.,LTD attend the 22nd International Conference on Chemical Fiber.(FuZhou 2016)

On Sept 7.2016.The 22nd china International Conference on Chemical Fiber (Fuzhou.2016)held in Fuzhou National Development and Reform Commission,the General Administration of Customs.Chinese Textile Industry Federation.And from the United States,European United States,European Union,Japan,South Korea.Nearly twenty countries and regions,more than 600 textile and chemical fiber industry experts and enterpreneurs gathered to share Chinese and the world chemical fiber induetry in the development and research achievements.Shenyang Great Wall Filtration Cardboard CO.,as the only one filter board industry on behalf of the participants,but also by the majority of doctoral scholars and well-known enterprises care and attention.

General manager Du Juan was invited to attend the meeting as a re presentative.

I have the honor on behalf of the company staff to attend the meeting,and took a photo with a partener-Yibin siliya Limted by Share Ltd general manager Ms.Rong Ling Lee.

It is my honor to have a group photo with the Chinese special fiber science leader,the three National People's Congress on behalf of overseas Chinese member Luo Lao

Vice president of China Association of filament weaving,professor level senior engineer-Mr.Ye Yongmao photo

Xinxiang chemical fiber and professor level senior engineer -Mr.Xie Yueting photo

For beer,bevgerages,pharmaceuticals,edible oil and other industries,Shenyang Great Wall Filtration Cardboard can confidently say that we are the leading domestic industry leader.For involved in the chemical fiber industry is not deep,we still have this confidence and deter mination,today we move a small step,after all,is a big step in the future growth of my door.