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Never Give Up

Never Give Up

We should tell ourself: never give up.

Since I was a little child, I was taught that don't give up forever.

My mother told me that teaching me how to walk was a tough task.

When I just learned how to walked, I fell down frequently, but she or my father never helped me to stand up, because they wanted me to stand up by myself.

After fell dowm again and again, I finally learned walking. My parents were pround of me!

Now, whenever I meet with a problem or get into trouble, no matter how hard the situation is, I rarely stop my step, because I have a faith in my mind that the most beautiful view will come in after the highest hill.

If you are sure what you do, then you just stick to it.

Nothing in the world is easy, so we will always meet challenges in life, but remember one thing that never give up and sunshine comes after the storm.

For our works, same as this.

We should try our best to do our work, and believe in ourselves, never give up.


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