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Into the French VINITECH SIFEL equipment exhibition, search to the international Chinese elements in the Portuguese wine stage

After years of operation, VINITECH SIFEL show has become the industry's most professional and influential one of the exhibition. The current VINITECH SIFEL exhibition scale, the number of exhibitors as much, professional and strong, it is so many participants of the press and delegates feeling endless.

Into the scene, the reporter saw a total of 65,000 square meters of exhibition hall packed, nearly a thousand exhibitors to promote, tens of thousands of professional visitors from around the shuttle back and forth between the booths for consultation, exchange and negotiations. Shortly after the admission, the reporter will see a lot of exhibitors from China and visiting representatives, Mandarin so that we quickly pulled into each other's distance, thousands of miles away in a foreign land, to see so many Chinese people, Feel kind.

Over the past 10 years, France VINITECH SIFEL Wine Equipment Exhibition on behalf of Yuan Tao, China has been on behalf of exhibitors, and many equipment manufacturers are familiar with. In this interview, he also enthusiastically for the reporter to assume the role of translation.

During the visit, "China Wine News" reporter found that from the Amos wine equipment to the oak barrels, from Nuo to Nadali ... ... more and more well-known equipment companies are no shortage of Chinese companies in the booth. They are in the booth of the enterprise, such as the Asian Sales Director, Asia Manager, Sales Director and other key positions, and in their respective positions continue to explore, with the Chinese voice closer to the distance with the world market.

In a written "Angel" booth, three Chinese figure, attracted the attention of reporters. Interview with reporters that they are Hubei Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. staff, so far has been three consecutive exhibition VINITECH SIFEL. The company's excellent product quality has won the favor of many customers around the world.

At the exhibition, many Chinese audiences and business representatives came from Yantai, Ningxia, Changli, Gansu and other domestic wine-producing areas. Xi'an Yongxing Food Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhang Jian, general manager, told reporters that he came to this purpose is clear, is to learn advanced technology, looking for business opportunities, the introduction of the necessary personnel to allow companies to go abroad. Texas Aude Man Winery Co., Ltd. Zhuang Xu Yi also told reporters that the visit to the VINITECH SIFEL exhibition, is to purchase equipment, to expand reproduction.

In addition to the introduction of excellent equipment resources, members of the Chinese delegation did not forget to exchange learning in this event. Liu Li, chairman of Yantai Baolida Stainless Steel Engineering Co., Ltd., in order to allow the company's products into the international market quickly to meet market demand, and exhibitors in the exchange of exhibitors to learn advanced manufacturing processes. Gansu Agricultural University lecturer Zhang Bo also believes that this trip to broaden the horizons of the future teaching is very useful.


Xinxiang City, the leading general manager of Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhao Shuling, Shenyang Great Wall Filter Cardboard Co., Ltd. General Manager Du Juan, Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Co., Ltd. General Manager Ge Jianhua harvest machine, told reporters in the interview, the traveler To Bordeaux "learn", is to make more perfect "Made in China" products to the world.