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Filter Sheets Use With Filter Press

Filter sheets use with filter press

Our products---filter sheet usually use with filter press, like below photo:


The first one: plate-and-frame filter press

This filter press is used for many industries, like beer, beverage, soft drink, and other food industries. And ususlly use with our model: SCP-312, SCP-332, SCP-334, SCP-112 and so on. The normal size: 300*300mm, 400*400mm, 500*500mm,600*600mm and so on.

The second one: enclosed filter press

This filter press usually for medical industry, for filtering medicine. And usually use with our model: SCP-111, SCP-112, SCP-1120 and so on.

The third one: Electroplating liquid filter press, usually use for electroplating liquid industries. And use with our model: SCS-101, SCS-102 and so on.

The forth one: oil filter vehicle

 This is used for frying oil filter, like KFC, McDonalds. Usually use with our model: SCS-302, SCS-303, SCS-302K, SCS-303K and so on.

We have different kinds of filter sheet/paper with different filter press, and we can cut any size as your request.

Any question, fell free to tell me, happy to receive your massage.


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