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Shenyang Great Wall Filtration Cardboard Co.,Ltd

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Shenyang Great Wall Filtration Cardboard Co.,Ltd

Company Profile

Shenyang Great Wall Filtration Cardboard Co.,Ltd, has been specialised in developing, manufacturing and supply of top quality products for many industries. It is our mission to provide a total solution of solid-liquid separations for customers around the world.


Our company founded in 1989, now have more than 28 years’ history. We are a factory, and also a trading company with export license, so we can export directly. Our company is the largest filter paper/sheet factory in China. In 2002, we rebuilt the new factory, all the behindhand equipments were washed out, and then we updated the best national computer auto-control system production line and accomplished renewal of machine.

图片1.jpg     2.Location:

    Our company located in Liaoning Shenyang, the largest city in Northeast China, also an important industrial centre. It is about 30 kms away from Shenyang Taoxian International Airport, and only 400 kms away from Dalian Port and Dalian Zhou Shuizi International Airport, we enjoy the advantage of this transportation and commercial hub. Our products are conveniently shipped to all over China and even the rest of the world.



Over decades, our company have become an overwhelmingly leading producer of filter sheets in China. We proudly serve food and beverage industries(soft drink, wine, vegetable and fruit juice, edible oil), medicine, chemicals, fine and specialty chemicals, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries as well as in bio-technology and so on.

    You can kindly find our products’ applications and our cooperation barnds from following photos:



We have main 2 types: Filter Paper and Filter Sheet.

 Filter Paper: Wrinkle Filter Paper, Water Filter Paper, Edible Oil Filter Paper, Oil Filter Paper, Quick Filte Paper.

Filter Sheet: Support Filter Sheet and Depth Filter Sheet.QQ截图20170701101150_副本.jpg

5.Our brand and OEM production

    All products with our brand logo: Shuangsheng.

       Our mission: ro lead China's filter paper/sheet industry into the world

       If you have your own brand, we can also supply OEM products, with private label to compliment your own product lines.


Our products are food grade and ISO,FDA approved, and our quality management system relies upon highly skilled machine operators and well-trained lab technicians. Our entire team is continually trained in quality assurance to ensure long term customer satisfaction.

So you can be assured with our quality.