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Filter Paper Technological Data

Filter Paper Technological Data

Our company have different kinds of filter paper, they are with different technological data, so using for different industries.

Now let's find the details:

1. Water filter paper

This kind of filter paper can use with water, could not break under the influence of water. Our mail model: SCS-101, SCS-102.

2. Oil filter paper

This kind od paper main use for oil filter, like edible oil, olive oil, industry oil and so on. Our main model: SCY-101, SCY-202, SCY-213, SCY-104.

3.Wrinkle filter paper

This kind of paper main use for frying oil filter, like KFC, McDonald oil filter. Our main model: SCS-302, SCS-302K, SCS-303, SCS-303K.

4.Quick filter paper

This kind of paper usually use for quick flow rate. Our main model: SCS-302K, SCS-303K, SCY-106, SCH-108