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Viscous liquor filter paper is specially used to filter viscous liquid specialty paper. The so-called viscous liquid, the liquid is sticky and thick, which is different from the general liquid, and is different from the non Newtonian fluid (slurry), slow, with a simple method of filtering is very difficult. What is more, the liquid in addition to contain some of the dust, but also contains not completely dissolved colloidal particles. The former is fixed, and the latter is easily deformed. Filter, no pressure flow does not move. Increasing the pressure after the resistance of colloidal particles left on the surface of the filter material is extruded into the internal pore. The filter blocking, reduced filtration efficiency decrease, then increase the pressure will be "dangerous wear filter.


Common viscous liquid: 

paint, animal glue, sulfonated mucus, polyacrylonitrile, cellulose acetate etc.. The material itself has a lot of viscosity, and its fine particles, which is about a few microns or even lower. Some particles also have electrical properties, in addition to them so that they do not conduct electricity, is a precision filter must be borne by the task.


In the past, commonly used in viscous liquid filtration is pressurized filter type. The filter media are mostly cotton fabric, fabric, filter series (that is, the number of times) is divided into one, two, three. Filter media using three filter: the first 3 layers of gauze, cotton pad, gauze. Second the 6 layer is a white cloth, poplin, cloth, gauze, gauze; third stage and 4 layer is cloth, cloth, poplin, poplin. This kind of filtering means not only cost is high, waste is big, the quality of filtrate is not ideal. Therefore, if the use of viscous liquid filter, it can avoid viscous liquid filtering those troubles, the paper Taib easily solve this problem.


Shenyang Great Wall filtration cardboard Co., R & D and production of the viscous liquid filter paper using the raw materials used in the bleaching of softwood sulfite pulp and after advanced treatment of coniferous pulp in the process, special control of beating degree. Adding strengthening agent. Proven by the market, the effect of filtering viscous liquid is good.


Currently filtering technology has become one of the important means of quality control. With the development of high and new technology, will require more functional, complete specifications, excellent quality of special filter materials. At the same time, the application scope of the filter paper is extended to space, navigation, gene engineering, life sciences and other fields.