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Characteristics Of Paint Filter Paper

Paint filter paper can be in any painting work place, in the spray room working environment requires a higher or high humidity, the use is still better. V type dry paint filter paper so that the paint mist in the role of air flow, filtering paint mist and odor, non-toxic tasteless net wind exhaust to the atmosphere, so that the paint workplace environment is improved. Can be effectively absorbed over the range of spraying, forced to change the direction of the flow of jet flow several times, so that particles will be heavier than the air will adhere to the surface of the paper, not with the air and away. The filter paper is filled from the lower part of the filter paper, and the filter paper is needed to be replaced! Each square at least load-bearing 15kg, carrying capacity is 3 to 5 times higher than other types of filter paper and depth of bearing and non bearing surface, paint filter paper saturated, removed and replaced by new paint filter paper, immediately applicable, simple speed McNair, environmental protection.