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A Beautiful Snow

A beautiful snow

Today, in our city with a wonderful snow...


white trees, white house, white plains, between the world of white suddenly become a holy temple.

In this snow-bound world, the mind seems to have been precipitated children, the net filter, becomes pure, the Holy Spirit, quiet, so that sublimation of the soul as bright as snow and ice clear.

Earth Tianran sleep, things like trapped in Summerside.

Who also could not bear to disturb the reverie of the fairy tale world is unlimited.
The people can hide Enron's home, the purity of snow Remembrance of Things Past, and the hopes and wishes for the coming year, McCain a day, drinking tea, enjoying the warm air flow and happy family.

微信图片_20180315162337.jpgwhen the snow had stopped, you can run out making snowmen, snowball fights, snow doll to put on fat red hat, red scarf.

Ears ringing foot on the snow above the sound, crunch, crunch, like a casual tone, but do not have a sense of rhythm.

Snow flower polished this world, we always see in the snow after the party under the blue sky, that tree, that room, that person, that fields, such as a mood Smart, simple picture of gathering dust in the memories.

Share of joy and intoxication at the time still linger heart.

微信图片_20180301181730.jpgmiss my childhood in winter snow and no snow for this winter will feel embarrassed and lost, the sky washed up the snow, falling to the Xuepiao to the ground wet, although there was a thin layer, but no way to make a snowman, snowball fights.

People walking on the road, kick the mud step, shoes get dirty, and side car to drive to grind from the snow, believe it will fall clothes, track mud stains.

Passers-by a brow pressed look, feel and some frustration, not completely diffuse in the sense of snow that year.

Really bemoan people now can enjoy a few of the most vividly the snow.

snow more and more rare, and snow changing to light snow, snowy fewer snow, according to scientists Analysis: less snow or no snow because of global warming, climate warming because of the "greenhouse effect" and "greenhouse effect" is the air pollution caused by industrialization.

But we have lost not only snow, but people rely on the natural environment, and I look forward to, and not just snow, but the human environment consciousness.
northern winter without snow is not complete, the situation of life is also true, does not experience sorrow and joy, wind, frost, rain and snow, how can one get the taste of products.

Remember someone had said, although whether it is soul-stirring epic of love, or the Majestic's great achievements, in the end will be like falling snow melted, but left to the people of the undoubtedly a valuable asset.

With a friend talking about life, and lament the years rush in without experience, how can I grow, mature, strong; if not experienced, how can perception of meaning in life.
winter snows in my mind at this time have gone with the wind, standing leaning out of windows, chill still exist, but they feel the spring has knocked my heart ... ...