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Method for using filter paper

The filter paper folded in half, two times in a row, folded into a 90 degree angle shape.

Fold the filter paper, press one side of the three layer, the other side of the layer of open, into a funnel shape.

The funnel shaped filter paper into the funnel and filter paper edge to below the hopper side, to in the mouth of the funnel pour some water, soaked filter paper and the inner wall of the funnel close, then the rest of the water drained, stand-by.

Will be installed to filter funnel placed in filter funnel frame, such as the iron stand ring), at the neck of the funnel decentralization acceptance filtering medium a beaker or tube and make the tip of the funnel neck against the wall of the receiving container.

Need to filter the liquid injected into the funnel, right hand holding a liquid containing a beaker, left hand holding a glass rod, glass rod lower end by tight funnel layer low side, cup mouth close to the glass rod, to be filtered liquid outlet along the cup out, again along the glass rod tilting, homeopathy into the funnel, flow to the liquid in the funnel, the surface can not exceed the height of the funnel and filter paper.

When the liquid through the filter, the funnel flow, to check whether the liquid along the wall of the cup down to the bottom of the glass injection. Or should the mobile beaker or rotation of the funnel, the funnel tip and the beaker wall stick firmly, can make the liquid down along the inner wall of the beaker to slowly flow.

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