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Characteristics of industrial filter paper

High filtration precision, high efficiency using polyester fiber and polymer membrane combination, the selection of filter material can meet the user specified accuracy requirements.

The tensile strength and variation coefficient are small with advanced forming technology, forming and strengthening, so that the tensile strength is enhanced and stabilized.

Filter is not cutting fluid corrosion, does not change the chemical properties of the cutting fluid, which has characteristics of resistance to acid and alkali, can in - 40 DEG C to 120 DEG C in normal use.

The selected filter material can withstand the mechanical force and the temperature influence of the filtering equipment, the filter material used for the cutting fluid, the wet state breaking strength will not be reduced.

Require filtering materials and large void ratio, small filtration resistance, large throughput, and dirt holding capability, can improve the efficiency of filtering, prolong the service life, reduce filter consumption, reduce cost of filtration.